Custom WordPress

Our mission is to design and develop the best
WordPress application that drives your business forward.
We use WordPress because of its versatile plugin framework. This allows us to offer you more advanced features at a much lower cost than building everything from scratch. Since we specialize in custom development, you’re not limited to the out-of-the-box functionality of any plugin or theme.

Recent WordPress Work

Our WordPress work includes building custom themes from scratch, customizing pre-built themes, researching and implementing plugin-based features, building custom plugins to add functionality, and building complete custom applications using the WordPress framework.
Read more about what we’ve built in some of our WordPress projects.

What our clients say

A broad master of development and systems. From the start it was clear Jonathan could handle not only our WordPress sites but also our complex ecommerce Larval and Vue site builds too. Jonathan has uncommon professionalism and always delivers his work on time. He is continually a joy to work with.

- Kevin Dees - RoboJuice

As an agency, it’s rare to find an application development partner who not only has the capabilities we need for complex builds, but also the willingness to collaborate and communicate at every turn. That’s what this team brings to every project.

- Geoff Wasserman - The Brand Leader

JRW is an ideal development partner.  From software planning to the full application build and testing, what they delivered was always on time and on point.

- John Schulz - Ample Innovation

Jonathan has demonstrated real skill on the team developing and implementing Northland Online.

- Van Carpenter

As a faculty member at Northland, I would occasionally need help with our new Learning Management System. Each time I dealt with Jonathan, he showed a strong desire to figure out a solution to my problem. If he couldn't figure it out, he would find someone who could. I have been impressed by his people-skills and his attention to detail.

- Brock Miller - Northland International University

Why you should work with us

There are tons of WordPress developers out there. Many of them pride themselves on being cheap. To accomplish this, they have to cut corners. This quickly degrades to loads of support cost in bug fixes. We’re different.
Modern Development

We use PHP 7+ and are constantly updating our code to use the most battle-tested features of the language and WordPress framework. This translates to faster load times and more stable applications.

Cost Saving

We do our best to find a solution to your problems using pre-built WordPress plugins and themes first. This translates to a much lower cost for you on the back end when we only have to develop small portions of custom functionality.

No Limts

Plugins and themes can only take you so far. When your application requires a more custom approach, we deliver. We aren’t reliant on pre-built themes to give you all the functionality you need. If it’s not available in WordPress already, we can build it for you.

Interested? We’d love to work with you!