I Am Jon Wadsworth


I have been in the web development field since 2009. I’ve been doing custom PHP and WordPress development for more than 11 years. While my formal educational background is not directly related to programming, the B.A. and M.A. have given me significant communication experience and a broad understanding of multiple industries.

I have 8+ years of agency experience and have worked as a freelancer the entirety of my career. As a freelance developer, I work for multiple clients and manage support relationships with many of them.

I’ve added 4 years of experience in Django/Python in recent years and continue to build applications to this day.


PHP Programming95%
WordPress Programming90%
Django Programming85%
Marketing & SEO60%

Obviously these bars are just my own assessment of where I excel and where I don’t. But don’t let me just speak for myself. Check out my LinkedIn profile or contact me directly for references. Or just keep reading for some client testimonials below.


I’ve been building in WordPress since version 2. I’ve built over 100 websites using WordPress and dozens of plugins.

PHP has been my go-to language for web development since the beginning or my career. Laravel is one of the most mature, well-developed, and well-documented frameworks available in PHP. I am an active member of the Laravel community, and I’ve released multiple open source applications built in Laravel.

Other PHP MVC Frameworks
While WordPress and Laravel are the most common frameworks I use for building sites, I’ve built in many other frameworks. CakePHP, Symphony, CodeIgniter, Concrete5 are just a few.

Python has grown in popularity since 2015, and I’ve seen the value in diversifying my development experience. Django has proven to be a solid MVT framework with many mature packages available. I’ve built several enterprise level applications using Django.

Client support has been one of the major roles I’ve held over the years. I enjoy debugging issues and finding bottlenecks. Attention to detail and the ability to ask questions that reveal potential issues have been my trademarks.

I do my best to never miss a deadline. If I feel like a deadline is unreasonable or there is something that is keeping me from meeting it, I’ll communicate clearly and early to allow time for adjustments to be made.


A broad master of development and systems. From the start it was clear Jonathan could handle not only our WordPress sites but also our complex ecommerce Larval and Vue site builds too. Jonathan has uncommon professionalism and always delivers his work on time. He is continually a joy to work with.

- Kevin Dees - RoboJuice

As an agency, it’s rare to find an application development partner who not only has the capabilities we need for complex builds, but also the willingness to collaborate and communicate at every turn. That’s what this team brings to every project.

- Geoff Wasserman - The Brand Leader

JRW is an ideal development partner.  From software planning to the full application build and testing, what they delivered was always on time and on point.

- John Schulz - Ample Innovation

Jonathan has demonstrated real skill on the team developing and implementing Northland Online.

- Van Carpenter

As a faculty member at Northland, I would occasionally need help with our new Learning Management System. Each time I dealt with Jonathan, he showed a strong desire to figure out a solution to my problem. If he couldn't figure it out, he would find someone who could. I have been impressed by his people-skills and his attention to detail.

- Brock Miller - Northland International University

Outside of Work

I’ve been married to Heather since 2009. We have 3 wonderful kids that keep us both busy. We love to spend time together as a family and try to take as many weekend getaways as we can together. Heather and I try to go on a date every week to keep our relationship strong.

Technology is probably my biggest hobby. I’ve tried to turn my home into a smart home by replacing as many light switches and outlets with wifi connected versions. Being able to say “Goodnight” to the Google Assistant and have it do everything for me is a personal goal. Much progress has been made.

Entrepreneur at Heart
It seems like every year my wife and I get another idea that we just can’t stand to ignore. We’ve started so many businesses trying to solve problems we see or create opportunities to help others. Every one is a learning opportunity, and we continue to grow in our ability to see roadblocks and hurdles along the way.

Since we homeschool our kids and I try to do all of my work remotely, we have made it a priority to experience different locales as much as possible. Historical significance and/or cultural variety are strong draws for us in choosing where to take our family. The road is constantly calling.